Purchase Knights of Columbus Vehicle Magnets

Good News! Rudy Alisauskas has agreed to distribute magnets for the Canada Wide region to help with this worthy cause. This will speed up delivery and provide you with a regional contact for reorders. When you place your order below an email will be sent to you from Rudy Alisauskas.

Buy magnets individually

100-199 $2.50 $30.00 s/h
50-99 $3.00 $25.00 s/h
10-49 $4.00 $20.00 s/h
5-9 $4.50 $7.50 s/h
2-4 $5.00 $3.50 s/h
1 $5.50 $2.00 s/h








* All prices are in Canadian funds.

Buy magnets by the case

Prices: Case Magnets (200 magnets) $425 plus shipping/handling $40

The order form is a pdf file. Print the order form, complete it and send it to Rudy with your payment enclosed.

Magnet Order Form

Address to send the order form:

315118 Hwy # 6 N.
Durham Ontario Canada.
N0G 1R0.

Telephone: 519 794 2988.


Together we can put a reminder to
“Keep Christ in Christmas”
& “He Has Risen” on a million vehicles!