Fundraising by Knights of Columbus Vehicle Magnets

‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ Nativity Magnet & ‘He Is Risen’ Easter Magnet


A “Keep Christ in Christmas” Nativity  or “He is Risen” Easters magnet a low cost reminder to pause and reflect on the Christmas or Easter seasons as a celebration of our Saviors birth and resurrection. Suggested retail price is $5.00 each or 3 for $13.00 Cdn. A Box of 200 magnets is $425.00 + shipping of $40.00 for a total of $465.00 per box.   Sold at the suggested retail prices means a council can earn over $625.00 for their favorite charities on a single case.

For multiple cases simply multiply the $425.00 by the number of cases.

Direct inquiries use contact form.

Together we can put a reminder to “Keep Christ in Christmas”  & “He Is Risen”on a million cars and trucks


Combines Silent Evangelization with Fundraising


Marketing Tips for Knights of Columbus Vehicle Magnets

There are many ideas and ways to market the “Keep Christ in Christmas”  and “He Is Risen” vehicle magnets.  One need only to use their imagination.  We will tell you about some of the things that have worked for us and for others. If you should have success in another way, please let us know and we will share it with others on this website  Thank you

Marketing Materials for You to Print Out!

To help you promote your program we have posters, 11″ x 8.5″ fliers, Church bulletin ads, and a press release to download. Simply click on image or link you want and download the .pdf or .txt file.


Various groups have come up with unique marketing ideas.  The most obvious is to have every member of your organization display one on each vehicle and maybe one on the fridge or on a metal front door as a reminder.

One group is canvassing every Christian Church asking them to participate in a “Keep Christ in Christmas”  and “He Is Risen” campaign (for more info contact us)

Another is to sell them at your parish.  First get the cooperation and permission of Your Pastor and then sell them at each entrance after Mass.

One group bought a case and gave it to their youth group to sell and keep the funds for “World Youth Day”.